Monday, June 29, 2009

Beef Grenades

So far things are going well with the most recent CSA haul, however we did run into one issue. Farmer Pam warned that the cherries had been compromised by the weather and we should eat them right away. We did, and they were... mediocre. This is another one of those 'things' with getting food from a CSA; most of the time the quality is very superb, but sometimes mother nature doesn't make things easy. It isn't that big of a pitfall, and as you saw it was only a small component of last weeks share, but it's a possibility.

In Beef news, we defrosted some "beef grenades" and made Peshwari Chappal Kebabs from Madhur Jaffreys book. I've seen quite a few variations and I'm sure someone will say "that's not really Peshwari at all..." so perhaps I should just call them South Asian inspired Sliders? Which is what they really are.

No matter what you call them, they're quite good "stuffed sliders" with jalapenos, loads of cilantro, cumin, and a little bit of egg to keep it together (recipes that also add chopped onions and tomatoes have more egg). Served with naan/pita bread and turmeric rice these were fantastic the night of and great reheated the next day.

/also, if you follow that link to the recipe and scroll down to the "Most delicious meat cubes/boti gosht" recipe, that one is pretty much our default lamb shoulder recipe. We've probably made it over ten times in the past year. Curry leaves are easy to get from most Indian grocers and highly recommended.


  1. Beef grenades, huh?
    We don't eat enough beef at our house to warrant getting a whole cow -- but I do have to smile at the sight of them.

    I have fond memories of those grenades being hauled out of our freezer when I was a kid. Always brought promise of some sort of lovely sloppy joes... or chili... or burgers.

    Nothing like these babies, though. Love Jaffrey, and she's always good for some inspiration when it comes to fantastically spiced foods.

  2. Cheers to that, Lo.

    We also don't eat enough beef to warrant even a side of beef (though we did think that half a pig was doable...).

    When it comes closer to re-order time, I'll make a post about my calculations/rationalizations about why I think two people can handle 50 lbs of beef, 148 lbs of pork, 48 lbs of lamb, and 5 whole birds.