Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beer can chicken results

Despite not finishing until 10:30pm, the chicken came off without a hitch. Okay, there were a few hitches. The dog bumped me on the way out, spilling some of the beer. And since this was a larger bird, the hanging tray in the grill lid knocked over the bird, spilling beer again.

But there was enough beer left to make for a proper braise on the grill. And this lovely, moist chicken will make a repeat today as lunch; atop a bed of the last of our greens from our garden (and the last of the bibb lettuce from our CSA share).

However despite the deliciousness, this will probably be the last chicken that I put on a tall-boy can of beer. Given the use of BPA as a near-universal can liner (page 2 of the link) and the fact that high temperatures release carcinogens at a greater rate, and given that extra grease and salt and spice from the inside of the chicken gets into the can allowing the beer to get to an even higher temperature ... well, it's not a recipe for longevity.

Thankfully, there are some stainless steel options to replace the actual beer can itself

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