Thursday, June 25, 2009

CSA Haul June 24th

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Latest CSA swag!
Starting at the top left, it's:
a bag of basil (probably will be pesto'd along with my own basil from the garden),
Toy bok Choi (stir fry?),
a potato sitting on a bag of potatoes (will be pressure cookered, mashed, and eaten with filet steak),
carrots (two made it into lunch today),
Kohlrabi (eaten raw, probably as part of a salad),
snap peas (perhaps in that bok choy stir fry?),
beets (probably made into red/pink pasta, the greens will be made into risotto)
and our favorite, garlic scapes!

Scenes from a CSA pick up: Act I

(rummaging through bags)
(holds out a sack to our protagonist. Interior of sack: GARLIC SCAPES)

Ugh. Do you want these? I can't stand these.

(takes bag)
Well, what have you done with them?

I've tried them in salads, but they're too, garlicky.

I will take these from you, but you might want to give them a second shot and try cooking them. You can dice them, throw them in with some diced onions, saute for a bit, then add in a can of chopped tomatoes, turn the heat really high and boil down the liquid, so you have this ...

really concentrated flavor?
Yeah! Then, scramble in some eggs and serve! But if you don't want them, I'll take them.
(grabs the scape bag back)

Hmmm, sounds good, I'll give it a shot. Thanks, Bye!

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