Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jicama Salad: 'Meh' in a bowl

Sorry, Ingrid, but this one did not work out.
However I gotta think it has something to do with my Jicama. This is the first I've ever had jicama and she describes it as being sweet while also having a crunch; however this was pretty bland. Maybe my jicama was bad or old? It was also a strange mix of sweet and savory; sweet sauce with lime juice, brown sugar and peanut butter, radish and jicama, cilantro, mango. However adding in some green onions helped sway things in the right direction. Next time we will probably sub in green apples in place of the jicama.

I'd love to hear positive interactions with jicama; I'd hate to have this be my only experience!

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