Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Madhur Jaffrey and Kohlrabi

Since we're on a Madhur Jaffrey kick, why buck the trend? The page jut before the chappal kebab recipe (Scroll up) has Ground Lamb with Tomatoes and Peas (keema matar). Perhaps this was not quite the proper undertaking for a week night; simmer for 25 minutes, simmer for another 10, chop 6 tablespoons of cilantro?! Never mind that we didn't eat until 10:20pm, this is up to Mrs. Jaffreys usual standards. I did find that the immediate product was just a bit watery (even though it was completely delicious) however I wasn't worried. This, like any kind of ground meat chili, improves after spending a night in the fridge. I took a taste while dishing up lunches for today and it indeed exceeded expectations.

Speaking of lunch, as a side I decided to add the kohlrabi from Farmer Pam. Remember how I was lamenting the mediocre cherries and warning that this was part of the perils of a CSA? Welcome to the flip side of the coin, and the reason why you join a CSA. Produce doesn't get better than this. Normal grocery store kohlrabi should be peeled and cooked like a potato (or other root vegetable). But very very fresh kohlrabi (*as certified by my Quality Assurance inspector Derby in the above pic) can be eaten as is, with perhaps just a dash of salt to bring out that flavor. Think of it as a giant, yet mellow radish. It has a subtle, delicate peppery/mustard almost flavor in the background and a cool crisp crunch, but it's not overpowering like your usual cherry bell or french breakfast radish.

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