Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Granola

The trip was not an entire disaster when it comes to food, however that is mostly because we came prepared. Since we planned on hiking in the Shenandoah valley we figured we'd try to fit in and bring some granola for the trail. Of course, we made it at home thanks to King Arthur Flour.

Super easy to make, and very tasty. It would have been perfect as a pick-me-up on a very long hike. However our dogs completely gave up on us (something about the heat and the humidity? They're prone to heat exhaustion) so we never trudged for more than two miles. But that doesn't mean the granola wasn't enjoyed on skyline drive!

The remainder of our meals were geared towards getting up and going. Breakfast was a Sausage, pepper and cheese loaf from Bread Machine Magic.

And the magic here was that the loaf stayed sealed! It's an almost brioche-esque loaf that is packed to the gills with sausage and cheese goodness. The plan was to get enough protein and carbs early as trail fuel.

For lunch in the picnic areas, we had various pasta salad and pasta-esque options. Cheese-less salads are great for throwing in a day-pack and eating on the trail. But since we were driving to designated picnic spots and eating like civilized people (plates, cutlery, tablecloth, and everything!) we could keep food cool in the car, thus allowing for shells, cheese and roasted vegetables (squash, zucchini, peppers).


  1. Oh, gosh Tony. That bread looks fabulous.

    And you can't really beat homemade granola. So easy. So delicious. And you can control what's in it -- which, to a geek like me, is the best part!

  2. Lo: the bread was really something.

    Speaking of granola, for 'no reason at all' I stumbled upon Michael Ruhlman's blog, who had an article on granola. Interesting tidbit: using a water mixture to evenly distribute the spices/sweetness throughout the granola. Seems like a winning plan!