Monday, July 27, 2009

Kitchen Disasters: Hash Brown 'Omelet'

Summary: It didn't work out, but I've made some notes on improving it, and maybe it will work out for you!

My wife found this recipe from Cooks Illustrated and it seemed rather interesting; it's an 'omelet' but there are no eggs in it. You shred a russet potato and squeeze out its moisture and that's our omelet. Sounds simple. I was worried about undercooking the potato and I think I went in the wrong direction. Perhaps the butter didn't protect it and I should have used oil? Perhaps I didn't have enough butter in the pan? Either way, it wasn't just crisp, it was burnt.

But even barring that, the flavors inside of it weren't anything special. I'm rather surprised, usually Cooks Illustrated does a decent job. But this was rather bland; even though we used a good cheddar (Whole Food market organic sharp cheddar) and had fresh basil in it. So next time I would sub those out for feta and fresh oregano; that should be enough to give life to the bland potatoes (which hopefully won't be burnt!).

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  1. I think I'd go with the feta/oregano myself as well...