Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MD Farm Tour and grilled pizzas done right!

Why should you go on the Montgomery County, MD Farm Tour?
To see where you food comes from and meet with the farmers who make it.

Why will you go on the Montgomery County, MD Farm Tour?
to get a chance to buy a goat kabob and have some corn at Fox Hollow Farm!

It doesn't have to be a political act nor do you have to be guilted into doing the 'right' thing. And my whole journey into eating locally always started with my mouth. I did it and I continue to do it because it just tastes better. So pack your friends and family in the car and stop by a farm or two. (and if you do go to Fox Hollow, tell them Tony sent you...)

Proof that I don't always ruin pizza on the grill
I'm sure we all had a good laugh at my failed attempts to grill pizza on vacation, but here's how it usually turns out. Friday Night Dinner: Grilled red pepper and eggplant (aubergine) with fresh oregano and fresh mozzerella:

And for Sunday Lunch, sausage and pepper pizza. Of note on this one: the sausages were topped raw; this led to a bit of a challenge since the rest of the pizza was done while the sausage wasn't.

However creative manipulation of the heat (read: indirect) prevented the crust from burning and an instant read thermometer was used to ensure proper temperature. Perhaps in the future I will pan cook the sausage first.


  1. I'm going to try grilled pizza this weekend...I'm excited and a little worried we'll be ordering delivery if things don't go well...

  2. Great looking pizzas!
    we love doing them on the grill... despite the fact that the heat can be a little bit unpredictable. I definitely recommend precooking the sausage!