Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was hoping to continue the "cooking with cheese" theme and include a gratin made with a pungent washed rind cheese, however I still haven't done it yet. :( Hopefully this weekend? I'll keep you posted (provided that the cheese keeps!).

So our talk turns seasonal, to that subject of tomatoes. As evidenced by Ruhlman's extension of the BLT challenge this has been a hard/late year for tomatoes. But I'm finally firing on all cylinders and the Baby Girls are producing in force (Why yes, I do have all hybrids planted).

This reminds me of a fantastic recipe that uses two pounds of cherry tomatoes to make an excellent roasted tomato sauce. Even if you don't have your own garden any one you know who does is probably getting swamped now; and an offer to take two pounds off their hands will be viewed as a blessing!

An important modification about this recipe: Cooks Illustrated has you making this in March with off-season tomatoes. And you are welcome to eat that way. But if you are going to use in-season, at their peak cherry tomatoes I suggest you absolutely lay off the sugar. You don't need it.

Eat 'em while they're fresh!

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  1. Yum.
    We're starting to get tomatoes too -- mostly cherries, but I'm hoping we'll get a few gorgeous large tomatoes for BLT's in the next couple of weeks. Nothing like a fresh from the garden tomato on a sammich, no?

    I am, of course, still waiting for the cheese post. However, this will do in the meantime.