Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do not go gentle into that good night

Just like summer, bacon ends. (*sniff*)

What started earlier in the year as a cornucopia of bacon and pork products in general,

I'm now down to my last pork chops (1/2 inch cuts; very thin but perfect amount of meat for one person each) and last pound of Italian sausage (which was really great, but next 1/2 a pig I will just get ground pork and add my own seasonings and make my own sausage. I've heard on Ruhlman's blog that the Kitchen Aid pasta/meat grinder attachment isn't so good at grinding meat but should be perfect for stuffing sausages from pre-ground meat. Though I'm not sure exactly where I'll get casings from. My... this has turned into quite a digression! Back to the bacon!)

So there it is; the last piece. It's exit from the kitchen should be the stuff of legend.

And with that in mind it formed the basis of a classic "home to leftovers" recipe, chilaquiles!
The bacon was chopped small and rendered over medium heat, chopped white onions added for a few minutes, also some chopped home-grown green peppers. Then 2 or 3 chopped home-grown tomatoes were reduced until most of the moisture had gone, at which point scrambled eggs (from Fox Hollow Farm) and just-fried tortilla chips (I love my deep fryer!) were added and stirred.

The final touches that really perfect the dish are the addition of green onions on top (providing a cool crisp texture difference to the 'egg mash') and crisp tortilla chips on the side, also for texture difference.

My wife gushed, learned that this was the last of the bacon, nearly cried, but found consolation.
Just as Spring breathes new life and brightens us, so will that half of a Berkshire/Kurubota pig from Wagon Wheel Ranch I just put money down on...

/In addition to foraged acorns, the pigs are also being fed whey from goat cheese and will be finished on peanuts like the Smithfield hams of old. I'm quite excitied!


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