Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pizza For Dessert

You know you've got a pizza addiction when just seeing the recipe title alone gives you shivers. But so what?! Know your demons and learn to roll with them.

Autumn is going in full swing (just ignore those San Marzano tomatoes still ripening on the vine!) and the air is getting cooler. The perfect time to sit back with a hard cider and a slice of cinnamon-apple pizza.

This is the second time we've made this particular recipe; we reduce the apples to only using three granny-smiths and halving the topping (or making all the topping and saving it in the fridge for a week or two); so you aren't chained to the sink peeling apples all day.

The biggest challenge is working with the crust. Like the comment on the website says this is only marginally less effort than a pie. However what this has over a pie is it's relative flatness, it's not a gooey and, as such, makes a GREAT treat to get packed into a lunch.

A technique of old (from Cooking Light) was to completely cover the dough with plastic wrap before rolling out. A layer underneath and a layer above. What my wife has been experimenting with is half that idea; flour on the bottom of the pastry board and just a layer of plastic wrap on top during rolling. The loosening the crust from the patry board with a long offset spatula, folding the four 'corners' of the pizza in, transferring to pizza sheet, unfolding and rejoining the dough along the cracks where the folds were. No apple 'goodness' dripped through the dough onto a safety jelly roll pan below so the crust was no worse for wear.

Cool, and serve with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.


  1. I'm planning an apple tart today...I like the idea of adding a topping to it, like this one...??? Mmmm, fresh fall apples! I get to restock tomorrow at our Market.

  2. Like a crostata, huh?
    Loving the idea of this. And guess what? I bet it would ROCK on the grill... alongside a bit of cinnamon custard. Good, no?

  3. ALo: cinnamon custard? You are completely devious!

    /who needs the entree? We'll go straight to dessert!